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St Helena offers adventure for everyone, Marine life is equally outstanding, from a variety of dolphins, whales and the whale sharks. This biodiversity has fascinated and influenced scientists and explorers Walking, rambling and hiking are amongst the most popular activities St Helena is home to over 1,000 species, of which over 400 are endemic to the Island.


St Helena is a new flight and cruise ship destination. The number of visitors to St Helena continues to grow and The Island is establishing itself as a destination of choice for those seeking adventure and a unique experience.

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On the 5th May 2021, the Bicentenary Anniversary commemorates Napoleon’s death on St Helena. This significant event will offer memorable experiences and many business opportunities.


As a future Green and Blue island destination, efforts towards achieving ‘dark skies’ accreditation and becoming a UNESCO World Heritage Site, opens up a range of possibilities for tourism development and niche business and investment opportunities.